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    I check the site every day with high hopes!

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    I was, but I've gotten used to the Seidio 2-in-1 with Magic button...
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    Someone from Softick emailed me the other day & said that version 1.03 may work on the 700p.
    You can get it from here:
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    Just tried it, 1.03 def. pairs and plays music from ptunes to my bt headphone.

    I've got good sound (breaks up when screen is not blank, but it generally is blank when I'm listening to music.)

    The AVRCP functions don't seem to work, but I don't know if that is the headphone or 1.03 w/700p.(I see AVRCP wasn't added till 1.05, nm)

    Also can't turn off headphone while playing. Had to pull headphone battery to break the connection.

    I only have the 700p at home for a phone, will test the phone functions when I get access to a phone.

    It also seems to affect the 700p's ability to react to button and stylus taps.

    I'm using an Anycom BSH-100, which is supposed to have AVRCP and has a mic. for phone calls.
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    I can't wait until this works.
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    Ah, here it is. Saw your post on the Softick board, Meinken. I'm using HT820's and having lots of problems. Seems like they SAG forgets how to connect to them every time I go back to playing stuff. I few soft resets and I'm no longer getting the constant drop outs I was initially. I've been able to receive calls (get a beep interruption while I'm listening) and can answer the call, but when I end that call it doesn't go back to playing what I had been. However, if I ignore the call, it DOES go back to playing. It still seems really buggy, but I'm still impressed I can get it working at all!

    I even tried going about 25 feet away and still got perfect reception! Not bad!
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    Yeah, as I do more testing it seems that whenever I stop playing something, I have to do a soft reset in order to get SAG to find my HT820's again...
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