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    Here's what I want to do:

    In Versamail using my Yahoo account, I want to set up 2 schedules for auto syncing:

    M-F 6:00 p.m. - 11:59 p.m., every hour (as I'm on a computer all day)


    Sat-Sun 8:00a.m.-11:59 p.m., every hour, so I can be connected all day.

    Anyone have an answer? It appears that Versamail only lets you create one schedule, which seems shortsighted. Any leads would be much appreciated.


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    I believe that you can only create one schedule per email account. I was just playing with it today and I was having the same problem as you, I couldn't find any way to do it short of having two email accounts setup (The same one) but that would really suck IMHO.
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    Are you guys actually getting Versamail to do an auto sync? I have tried several times (auto check every hour) and only get an error message...I can't figure out why...
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    What email account are you using? I couldn't get Gmail to work at all, despite having it configured "correctly" according to them.
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    Same here. Although I can pull my Gmail using Outlook (yeech), I cannot get Versamail to do it.
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    I just configured my Versamail to work with my Gmail account.

    When you login to your Gmail account, click on your Settings tab. Turn on the POP option.

    Then Click on the link that says Configuration Instructions.

    Under Mail Clients select the link to "Other"

    The settings you need for Versamail are all there. Make sure you change the PORTS on your inbound/outbound mail servers. Initially I didn't change the ports and had the same problems you guys did.

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