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    When I had my 650, I was able to fetch emails by simply pressing the email hardkey button twice (one press to get in Snappermail and another press to fetch).

    For some reason, I don't have that function anymore on my 700p. Pressing the email hardkey now just scrolls through all my mailboxes of every account.

    Is there a setting I'm missing?? Or is this function not working on the 700p yet?
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    go into snapper prefs,
    under the delivery tab, check "Hard Button Recieves Mail"
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    I thought it was something simple as that, but I don't have that option anywhere on the "Delivery" tab, nor anywhere else. See attached screenshot.

    BTW, I'm running the latest Enterprise version
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    change your get mail to manually,
    then u should see that opt
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    Aaah... thanks! After I did the change, I set it back to "Every Hour" and now I get both auto-fetch and the hardkey fetch funtion -- the same way I had with my 650.
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    A suggestion by Treo305, over at another Thread, was to use text messaging to notify u the minute u get new mail by setting your email server to forward to your phone's text message address.
    I set mine up to just send the subject and not the whole email. Then I know if I want to go get it right now or later. Also u will want to check the option to keep emails in your servers inbox.

    Warning, this gets expensive if you do not have a text messaging plan

    If I had read up a little more on email apps before buying Snapper, I probably would have bought Chatter.
    But Treo305's suggestion has been working great for me.
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