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    So far I'm pretty happy with my 700p...although I'm a new Treo user so about anything is an improvement from lugging my laptop around and finding wireless acess.

    When I'm composing a new email in either Versamail or Chatter and attempt to add an attachment, I can only see Powerpoint and PDF documents. What about Excel and Word files? How can I attach them?

    If I create a word or excel doc from scratch on the 700p, it is listed, but a document copied from my PC (even if edited and "saved as" on the 700p) doesn't show up?

    What I want to do is have a couple of Word and Excel "templates" on my 700p where I can change a few numbers/words and send them out as needed. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Hi Kim, I've a few suggestions. 1) Perhaps your word and excel docs are formatted as "word to go" and "sheet to go," respectively, instead of "microsoft word" and "microsoft excel." I have found that snappermail will not attach the sheet to go format. B) There are 2 ways to send attachments, using the "Attach" feature of your email program, or using the "Send" feature of Docs to Go. Try both ways. Hope this helps! I love my Treo too! I've recently composed my entire Employment Agreement using Docs to Go, and my board of shareholders did not know the difference!

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