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    My 3 year old Treo has been gradually getting worse for the past 2 weeks. Started off with a lost call or 2, then it said, no signal where there obviously was. Now I can't keep a call for more than 30 seconds and I can't answer any calls.

    I finally got fed up with it and did a full hard reset, erasing everything and working from basics. It's still happening. No error messages, just the following:

    1. When someone tries to call, I'm unable to touch "answer". It just rings and rings, and the phone is frozen.

    2. When I try to make a call:
    a. makes the call but it's disconnected within 30 seconds
    b. acts like it's going to place the call but then it says, "no service" when there is obviously service (i have other sprint friends right next to me, with the same phone).

    All the other functions and apps work perfectly fine and the touchscreen is as good as new. Ideas?

    Is my phone old and busted?
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    Your trusty 600 just needs a new battery. Search for 'battery replacement' in this forum. I suggest getting an extended life battery. You will have to open up your precious treo to do this. Hopefully you are comfortable in performing this procedure - not for the faint of heart. Good luck.
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    I am having the the exact same problem with my Sprint branded Treo600 and it too started about 3 weeks ago.
    I had Sprint check for network issues and was told that there were no problems in the area of use.
    Do you use Pocket Tunes and did you load the latest update? My phone seemed to act up after I loaded the latest update.

    BTW...I recently replaced my battery.
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    I've ben a lurker for years, but have never posted-I too have been having the smae problems for the same amount of time-is it time to upgrade after almost three years of the T600 (and four replacements?)? Thoughts? I'd like to have a bluetooth phone finally.
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    And with one of my Treo 600s, it was the radio and the battery that were giving it problems. Would not hold a charge. Would not maintain contact with the tower. Local Sprint service told me it was because of all the programs I had on it. After insisting it was meant to have that many programs on it and that the problem was new, they replaced it with a refurbished unit that my wife inherited and that unit is still rolling along. Ben

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