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    OK - I can't seem to find a clear answer on this...

    When you are surfing the web (or syncing e-mail), and the "data arrows" are blue (or green for 1x data networks) indicating data transmission is active, can you receive a call or does it go right to voicemail?

    I've tried to experiment with this...

    I open Versamail, press "get" (to check for new mail and open a data connection), and then I simultaneously tried to call my Treo with a LAN line phone. Sometimes I hear a "busy signal," sometimes it goes to voicemail, and sometimes it freezes my 700p.

    What is it "supposed" to do???

    FYI - I was on a 1x data network while conducting this test.

    This really sucks because if I set my e-mail to autosync every 5 minutes, 10 seconds out of every 5 minutes I am "unreachable."
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    If you're on teh 1xrtt network, your calls should go automaticlaly to voicemail. That's a limiation of the data network itself.

    If your on the EVDO network, your data session should "pause" and your phone call should go through. either way, it shouldn't freeze up your phone.
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    I found this on verizon's website about allowing calls while on a 1x data transmission. Haven't tried it yet, but this is what it said.

    Deactivate CPOP: Dial *7650 (Prevents Voice Call from interrupting Data Session)

    Reactivate CPOP: Dial *765 (Allows Voice Call to Interrupt Data Session)

    (not responsible for anything that may happen)
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    Interesting. Here's the link to the vzw page about CPOP:

    I dialed *765 on my Treo 700p and got a "call cannot be completed" message.

    This is an excellent option to have if it works.
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    I know on some other ## codes us verizonites have to use #*# in the beginning then # at the end.

    so maybe its: #*#765#

    But I'm to much of a ______ to try it out on my new treo

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