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    OK. You can now view a short video of the 3D model of the antenna. Out of this 3D model/design we are now producing the mold for the antenna. Once it is produced we will make a few antennas and install them on the phone to further test signal and fit. It is at this point we will see if we need to adjust the mold so there is no "hang" over the phone's body.

    The cap at the top of the antenna (gray part) will be only 2mm long.

    Remember that the prototype was hand made and the mold is computer/CNC machine made so it will fit very well.

    Video is available here.
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    I can't get the video to work...

    Oh well...sounds like it's the one to wait for anyway.
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    Yep, works fine now.

    I'm drooling...
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    Me too but I can't do anything but wait as the factory I have contracted to make them proceeds with the manufacturing process. Every little adjustment takes time but we are definitely going forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddeath View Post
    Mine does not hang out because it is still using the original cap which is cut down to about 3mm.
    Let us know if you decide to do a v4 that will fix a 700wx. That's what I'm waiting for.
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    Hey Zoti, just wondering if there are any updates... Very excited to get this...
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    Are the zero / v2 / v3 / v4 ones being sold anywhere yet?
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    Just a bit more delay. We are working on the molding for the plastic parts and we try to make it perfect so the antenna is flush with the phone's body like many have requested.
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    Forget drooling...I'm slobbering now...
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    LOL at SprintTreoUser slobbering.

    I would like to apology to all those who are waiting for the delay. Our target date for release was the month of September. At one point we thought it will be early sep. but then a few delays and we got pushed back a bit.

    I don't have a definitive date yet and don't want to promise that we will have it "in two weeks time" but I can assure you that we will start taking pre-orders about a week or two before we will ship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SprintTreoUser View Post
    Forget drooling...I'm slobbering now...
    Pavlov would be proud
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    I'm in 650
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    Treo 700 series 'ZERO' antenna on sale now

    Treo 650 series 'ZERO' antenna will be listed soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetplus View Post

    Treo 700 series 'ZERO' antenna on sale now

    Treo 650 series 'ZERO' antenna will be listed soon
    Does it come with any Bondo or caulk to fill in the gaps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3 View Post
    Does it come with any Bondo or caulk to fill in the gaps?
    Now, now. Be nice.

    But seriously, it does look a bit "hand molded" for my tastes. Still, a pretty darn good first attempt, and better than anything /me could do.
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    ...not to mention that it's been "tested on both CDMA and GSM". Umm...there are no 700-series GSM phones with antennas......
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    And via ebay? Especially with no Buy It Now option...
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    And it's not even that much cheaper that I'd even bother to consider it anyway...

    I will continue wiping the drool from my chin and wait for Zoti.

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