Has this happened to you???

I'm sitting at home, working on my computer for a few hours. I place my FULLY CHARGED 700p in my pocket...

An hour and a half goes by - I notice it starts to feel a little "warm." But I ignore it.

Another hour and a half goes by (3 hours total), and my leg is getting hot so I take out my Treo only to find that I have ONLY 5% battery left - after 3 hours!!!!!

Despite I have the keylock enabled, my Treo was "stuck" in perpetual never-ending e-mail autosync mode (the data arrows were solid-green and not changing, despite the fact that no other apps were frozen). I had autosync scheduled for every 15 min. I could switch apps and maneuver throughout the programs just fine, until I opened e-mail, pressed "get" (which is in essence what it had been doing for the past 3 hours, non-stop) and then it froze completely, requiring a soft reset.

What gives???

Oh - no 3rd party apps installed, either.