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    I spoke with a Treo 700p owner who indicated she was returning the phone to Verizon due to frequent hangups during calls. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am trying to decide between the 700p and another device?
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    No trouble here. The 700p is the best pda phone I've ever used. Of course whether or not its the best phone for you, only you would know.

    I haven't been able to read the boards much but I have noticed some complaining of resets. To those users I say do some debugging, the device is stable, its bad data or 3rd party incompatibilities.
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    It happened for me with my HBH-660 Bluetooth headset. Once I bought a different headset, the hangups stopped. I am on SPCS, by the way.
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    My experience with lost calls is that there are many areas even within the "coverage" areas of both Sprint and Verizon where calls can be dropped. Whether these areas are simply pockets where reception is blocked or subject to some outside interference I don't know, but I know that at least for those two carriers, there are reception problems. I have a 700p and my wife has a Pocket PC on Verizon. We both have a problem in the same areas.

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