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    OK, I know the subject line wasn't very clear (sorry), but here's my question. I've been having tons of problems and little annoyances with my 650 lately, but before taking it back, I decided to do a hard reset. So, I've done that, and I've used Backup Man to very selectively reload certain things (namely call log, contacts, calendar, etc). Most anything else I'm fine with losing for now. Phone seems to be working wonderfully.

    Now though, I don't want to HotSync because it puts a bunch of sh** back on my phone that puts me right back at square one (I know because I did it once). I tried customizing the setup to either "Handheld overwrites Desktop" or "do nothing," depending on what the options are.

    I was considering just wiping anything Treo or Palm related off of my computer and reloading the software. I don't even know if that would help or if it's neccesary.

    Any suggestions?

    **edit: I should add, I DO want to ultimately be able to sync, I just want to get to where syncing doesn't junk my phone up with whatever is making it act all wonky....
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    Before you hotsync, rename your existing backup folder (program files/palm[or handspring] username/backup) to something like backup_old or backup_date. Doing this will create a new backup folder upon hotsync and not reload any problematic files back to your Treo.

    Keeping the above in mind, what you really should have done was...

    Hotsync buggy Treo
    Hard reset buggy Treo
    Rename backup folder
    Hotsync clean Treo, being sure to select your user name when asked
    Cautiously install needed apps

    I do this on a routine basis (just did it today), its a sure fire way of doing needed house cleaning on your Treo.
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    Thanks. One more question. At this point, for who knows what reason, I now have three different profile names. How do I completely remove any and all traces of the ones I don't want on there? I tried deleting the folders from the PalmOne folder, but they seem to keep returning!

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