I've had a problem with my 650 for some time now, which I thought was negligible, but now I see may be causing my Treo to reset.

When I'm in the messaging application it always reports that there is one new message more than I have. So if there are 20 total messages, and three are new, it will say (4/20). Even if there are no new messages it will always show that there is one new message (1/20).

Now that I've learned how to check errors (##377#), I've noticed that just about every time my Treo resets the cuase is "A reset was caused on M/D/Y at hh:mm while running "Messaging": Fatal Exception." I suspect this may have something to do with the phantom text message.

Looks to me like my message database is corrupted. Any suggestions on how to fix this short of deleting my message database file? If that is the only way, are there any tools for extracting the data from the file to a PC or Mac so that I can archive it? Any tools that will allow me to selectively copy specific chat threads from the old database to the new one?