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    well i guess we can say thanks for trying...but it is a well known fact that this problem effects a large number of people.its kinda like when you bring your car in cause its makin a funny noise...then the noise stop when the mechanic drives it.......also,as previous poster still get the dreaded green check mark no matter how you set your options for alert receipts etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by VerizonTech View Post
    I ran a few tests on the treo 700p. I sent a text web to phone using vtext. About six times and was able to check it on the device without any delay or any lockups. Also tested phone to phone sending and recieving sms without any lockups again. Please make sure your software is up to date. If your still having problems we would love to assist. Call the wdts group by dialing 1800-922-0204 and select option 3, 3, and 3.

    Can you give us a case number or some other way of communicating the problem to the person who answers the phone?

    There *is* value in letting Vz know that I suffer from the problem - the more customers that have the issue, the more important it is. There is even more value to have somebody listen to me and take detailed notes on what we are seeing and reporting it back to Palm. However I would settle for the first one.

    What I don't want to do: take half an hour to convince your front line tech that the problem I suffer is not covered in their stack-of-FAQs from the web site.

    Instead of calling, I go to and check the price to switch to their plan.
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    yes good idea about assigning a case number, etc
    I called verizon and he acted like this was the first time they had ever heard of the problem. I refered to this forum and said that many other people had been having the same problem.
    The tech I spoke with checked my software to make sure it was up to date, etc and then transfered me to service because my phone was working properly... then I got transfered to the data department, then transfered again.
    Gotta love customer service
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    so a little irritated, because i just spent a great deal of time with verizon tech support... they even went as far as to get a test phone (700P) and we resumed to text each other back and forth... guess who's phone did NOT lock or freeze whenever he sent a text??? yeah not mine...

    back to square one...
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    I also spent time on tech support with Verizon yesterday and had the same experience. My tech was interested, concerned BUT also commented that this was the FIRST time they had ever heard of the issue. I emailed him a link to this discussion string - we'll see if it he writes back. One of the MAJOR issues with "testing" with a tech is that the lockup is minimal on ONE text message and gets progressively worse the longer your message string if you bounce back just one or two messages I wouldn't expect them to see the lockup issue at its worst.
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    I agree, Mine seems to start around 9 messages. After that I start to loose patience and just delete the messages.
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    And I have noticed it is always before the green check mark shows up like someone else has said. So we have narrowed it down to Verizon to Verizon texting only, long threads and/or threads with pictures. I am afraid to call Tech Support now! Who wants to be bounced around on the phone??
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    I can also make it happen by using outlook to send me a message through my account. It will hang for some reason.
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    this happens consistently when the msg history with a verizon customer builds up to like 10-15 msg, the longer the chat log the longer the freeze after getting receipt confirmation...
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    Ok.. so i'm on my 2nd 700P. I have called Verizon, AND Palm. Palm gave me a case number its 1-153730903

    Call them at (813) 313-4913

    Give them that case number which they closed out. When the yell you to do a hard reset and re synch with a new user name, tell them NO or that you did that already.

    Apparently when there are no messages stored in the string, the phone doesnt lock up. But we know this already.

    Definetely when texting other Verizon Customers. I had a three way conversation with a T Mobile phone and a verizon phone, and all the texts to verizon locked up the palm each time and not at all with the T-mobil. It happens after the green check confirmation hits on the thread. Is there anyway to turn that off?

    Please call verizon as often as you can. I told the tech about this string and i see that he posted on it.. But where is he now??

    Chris Z
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    I too have had the same SMS pauses on my Verizon 700P, yet I use SMS constantly to keep in touch.

    I've found out the following...

    1) Erasing don't help (I've locked up on the second message on a zero-out phone)

    2) Switching out of PHONE or SMS doesn't pause.

    3) Verizon is useless.

    Does anyone have a Verizon case number we can all collectively append to?

    PS> Got the 700P when my 650 died and they replaced it with the 700! But, this bug is intolerable.
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    this problem is indeed pretty annoying... SMS on my 650 worked flawlessly, so did Bluetooth, these are 2 of my most used features and they both suck on the 700p, at least without buying another approved bluetooth headset...
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    Is everyone a verizon customer? I am a sprint customer, and have similar issues.If this is a Palm thing, i would expect Sprinit useders to also have this issue.
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    Sprint here - locks up the phone whenever a message comes in; doesn't matter the carrier. This is a permanent freeze - have to pop-out the battery to restart.
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    I feel like we need to think of other ways to get the attention of Palm, Verizon, etc. Doesn't seem like anything is being done regarding this intolerable bug. No one has addressed the issue as a known problem other than the consumers.
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    I agree. They seem like they are too busy making new ones to fix the flaws in the ones they have. I actually was going to switch my wifes phone over to Verizon so I could TXT her for free. Instead, I will pay for the messages as the delay would drive me nuts.
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    For what its worth, I now get freezes while texting to a Sprint customer and when talking to my husband computer to phone texting! It doesn't last as long as a Verizon to Verizon but there is a definite freeze while the lines in the thread flicker.
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    I am brand new to the Treo (the 650 is my first), but not to Verizon or palm.

    I have seen this occur several times. the common characteristic appears to be that an inbound SMS message (not a delivery notification) is received, from another Verizon user, and it is LONG (>160 char). When that happens, SMS inbound locks up and a batter reset is required to clear it for me.

    i received a long message from different verizon user with a different verizon phone, and the message was split into two inbound messages. also, 'short' messages from all users seem to be received without problem.

    Just letting you know what the SMS lockup cause appears to be for me. If there's any new info on this, please post.
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    BTW, the verizon user who can lock me up with a long message has a verizon motorola e815. I had her send a short msg, a 200 char msg, then a short msg. I received the short msg, then had SMS lock up. After performing a battery reset, I received the 2nd short message. the "long" message was never received.
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    I fixed it! But it broke other things.

    I initiated a hard reset on the treo. Erased everything. I did not synch it with the computer (I'm moving and the synch cable is in a box buried under about 30 other boxes). I input each contact back into the phone by hand (how very enjoyable ;x). I can chain send texts to my heart's content. However, I can no longer send texts over 160 characters in length. The messaging feature does not list the message as being "163/2" or whatever it said before when going over 160 characters, instead it just says "163" and fails to send the message to the receiving device.

    As far as I am concerned, I'm okay with this -for now-. I would much rather limit myself to 160 characters per message and be able to use my treo after the message than I would have it lock up for indefinite periods of time.

    I have no idea if synching the device will "break" it again or not, and I won't try it for another week or two. However, the hard reset (hold the power button down, hit reset (under the battery cover, to the right of the battery - you can use your stylus), then release the power button after the Palm logo appears, then press up on the D-pad when it asks you to erase) seems to have fixed the lockup problem. It *was* at the cost of my multi-part texting capability, but that's good enough for me.
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