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    700p verizon here...same problem.

    As you stated, it is when the confirmation comes back. The only way to avoid it is exit the SMS program after sending a message, then go back into it when you get a response or wait a few seconds. If you are in the program, the palm will freeze.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you,.... thank you all for being in the same boat as I am. I am with Verizon and pay the $20 for unlimited 'in' texting and 2500 'out of network' texts. (Not to mention the $149.99 plus $44.99 data) I am a power user of my treo. I purchased a 600 from Sprint and used it until Verizon had the 650s. Used a 650 until recently purchasing my 700p. I LOVE everything about the 700. Every difference between the 650 and the 700 is fantastic. The add contact (to existing), the bluetooth works better, the web is better, I could go on... BUT... BUT... BUT... I CANNOT STAND THE LOCKUP THAT I GET WITH THE SMS!!! It is by far more prevalent when I text another Verizon customer. I DO notice less lockup when I hit the 'home' or 'phone' button before receiving the receipt. I (think) I notice less lockup when I delete long chats. (I think). But, I hate it. Please help. I am willing to pay to find a solution. I love this phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omarzildjian View Post
    Please help. I am willing to pay to find a solution. I love this phone.
    The only solution is to wait for the inevitable patch...
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    Perhaps this problem doesn't hit all verizon 700p users?

    You would think that there would be more than the dozen or so people who posted on this thread noticing.

    Maybe we all have a certain subset of bad treos?

    Does anyone know any Verizon 700p users who don't have issues with sms?
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    I've posted about this before, it happens when I send a txt message to a user that has a long chat log, when the confirmation comes back, it freezes... deleting the log fixes this problem...

    This only happens with VZW customers coz they are the only one I receive confirmations for my outgoing text, also it doesn't happen with MMS coz I don't get confirmation with those.
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    Let me officially jump on the bandwagon and say that of the four people in my office with 700p's (myself included) ... we ALL experience the SMS freeze when sending text messages.

    I'm on phone 3 ... the first one didn't freeze (but also wouldn't go online), the second one didn't always freeze, but towards the end it did all the time, but then lost the ability to hold a charge, and the new one (I've had it for a week) does freeze. I've found that pressing the down button on the 5 way nav does help ...

    It only happens for me when I text to other verizon customers ... (we are all on verizon in my office) ... when I text sprint, nextel, t-mobile or cingular, there are NO freezes!!!

    Just thought I would put my 2 cents in
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    clearly theyre not fixing this i guess
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    Hello All,

    I am a verizonwireless technician. I am currently on a confrence call with PalmOne. I need exact examples of the sms freezing issue you guys are experiencing. So if we need to work on a patch with palmone we can. So please reply back with exact issues.
    When is the freezing occuring?
    Are you sending a sms to particular carrier?
    Length of the sms?
    Are you sending a sms to a short code?
    Exact examples please and I will work on a solution for you.
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    I get mine when I receive a notification that came in through sms (usually through When I get the sms notice, I click goto message and it just hangs there for some time. If I wait long enough, it will show up the message. The screen is mostly blank but at the top it usually shows "Message 1 of 6". It also has the Done Button on the bottom. I just have to wait (usually around 30 seconds or so but sometimes over 1 minute) and then the message shows up. I can send you a message if you want to give me an address so you can see if it does it on your side. I just tested it again and it did it.

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    this happens exclusively and only when sending to other Verizon users EVERY time for at least 1 minute but no more than 3 minutes for me.
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    Hey I’m new to this forum - I just upgraded my 650 to the 700p - I also changed from Sprint to Verizon. I had the worst service with Sprint and finally got so fed up, switched over.
    Anyway, yea, I have the same exact problem. Any length of message, if you text in the Verizon network my phone locks up as well. I always have to do a soft reset. It’s quite the annoyance. I called Verizon - they said they had no records of the problem. Hopefully that firm wear will come out eventually.
    I think someone mentioned that after you send the text, press the home button and that will help. That works the best for me. I just now have to remember to do it!
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    Same problem here. But if I stay in the chat screen it still freezes but not as long as if I go back to home or phone and etc. I get the freezing more commonly on the short sms of like ten characters or less. The big 165 or more characters not so much. I also have the confrimation option on. It espically freezes and have to do a soft reset when I'm getting a message of one or more and/or a phone call almost at the same time. This is all within the verizon network.

    Thanks for trying to fix this.
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    I have a question whats with the time delay?

    in chat it says i get a message at 1:00pm i reply right after i get it and then I get a hugh time delay that my message was sent at 1:06pm when actually it should be 1:01pm.

    Its not that big of a deal and I expect a little delay but five to six minutes is kind of a lot. but I guess that just happens.
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    from what i can see there is no option on verizon to turn the confirmation off.the option is only for mms,for sms you have no choice but to get confirmation....i dont seem to have this problem as others do and i am on verizon and text to almost only verizon folks...the only time my sms locks up is if i am getting a call or another text at the same time...and even then,its only a brief lockup
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    U can't go in to message>options>alerts then under message tone uncheck messege reciepts alerts?
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    wow....never looked there...was looking under preferences and it said (MMS only)...thanx...this forum never ceases to amaze me...learn new things every day!
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    no probem..
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    too bad that doesnt help anything for me nor was it ever checked on my phone

    un checking message receipt "alerts" is not the same thing as unchecking the request of message receipts
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    I am testing sms issue out right now on the 700p and 650.
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    I ran a few tests on the treo 700p. I sent a text web to phone using vtext. About six times and was able to check it on the device without any delay or any lockups. Also tested phone to phone sending and recieving sms without any lockups again. Please make sure your software is up to date. If your still having problems we would love to assist. Call the wdts group by dialing 1800-922-0204 and select option 3, 3, and 3.
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