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    Just upgraded my Verizon Treo 700p tonight and based on my first few SMS messages (after restoring my message threads) I have none, ZERO, NADA lag...

    I sent 5 SMS messages to my wife's phone, with 10 seconds pausing between each message, never left the SMS application, never froze for more than 1/2 a second (if that!) so...

    I think I'm a happy camper. Would LOVE to hear from other's on their issues...
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    We need more feedback on how the MR has impacted (positive, negative, no impact) the SMS Lag issue - and remember, the issue gets progressively worse so until you have an accumulation of 25+ messages in your database you aren't going to be able to tell us anything conclusively.
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    I haven't seen lag in sending messages like I used to, but I do see lag in accessing messages. Get that dreaded white screen for 10-15 seconds.
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    To clarify, Keefer...

    I have over 150 messages to/from my wife, when I did the MR update, did the restore and then started texting like a fiend... No lags, I've now got about 190 and still no lag.

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    Anything new on this MR? Can't take it anymore.

    I'm ready to switch to the VX6800 on the 15th if this didn't work.

    Update: I just loaded the MR and am hoping for the best. Will report back in case anyone is still following this thread.
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    Well, I still follow this thread...

    However since I installed the MR on my Verizon 700P, I have not had the SMS lag again. I do have the can't F*@!$ing connect reliably to the internets issue, but I've started complaining about that already.

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    Lag has benn significantly reduced. But now having problem with FIND function and BACKLIGHT function control
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    I've been plagued by the Verizon 700p text lockup issue for most of the year, but just looked into resolving it now. My Treo would lockup as soon as the green receipt confirmation check mark was displayed. I've been pin resetting it after sending every text. (Ugh!)

    Following one of the earlier suggestions, I set "Create chats from messages" to "Never" and the lockup issue went away. Nothing else fixed the issue. Deleting entire chat threads, and unchecking "Show Receipt Alerts" did no good.

    I'm currently running Treo700p-1.06-VWZ, but I'm not yet ready to install the latest MR. I still have to resolve other longstanding sync issues. (Ugh again!)

    Thanks for the tip!

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    I too, like alot of you have been frustrated with this issue. I just completed the update to the way, did anyone else think it was ridiculous the steps needed to complete the update? I had to buy a sd card reader. I talked on the phone with palm and they said that was the ONLY way to do the update.

    so i hard reset my phone, installed the update-which in the process lost everything on my sd card-and i am still having the same problem. the sms freezing still happens...

    Did the fix work for anyone out there?
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    The MR 1.10 fixes the problem. I can now text without having to plan the next 7 minutes of my life!! The one thing I notice is that there are no green checkmarks confirming the receipt of the message. There are also some other small things but the freezing / lockup is no longer.
    I did NOT install it via the SD card. Just follow the instructions exactly and you'll be fine. It does wipe your treo. The biggest pain was that they require 20-24 megs free on the treo to do the upgrade. So I backed everything up, and used 3Xcom to delete the biggest files.
    Good Luck!
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    I did the update, and my lag is WORSE! Way WORSE! I will try and delete all my chat logs, they've been building up, but sheesh!! This is really annoying!
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