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    I've spent the last few months doing everything to/with my VDX but installing Hacks - I can fix a PC but I value my VDX waaaay too much to subject it to any potential for creating similar instabilities to the Wintel Hell I face daily. It's like an oasis of calm for me when the network goes down, e-mail hasn't worked for the last 2 weeks, and our laptops are all missing the same cords: "at least I haven't had to Hard-Reset my Visor." (Quite a few soft-resets, I'll admit, but I've thankfully never had to restore from my backup module.)

    Nonetheless, I've finally taken the plunge tonight after reading the fine posts on X-Master vs. TealMaster vs. HackMaster et. al. (I opted for X-Master 1.1 and it hasn't crashed yet after, oh, about 15 minutes now.) My problem is (one of many - be nice) now that I am hack-enabled, I don't have a good sense of what hacks to enable. I tried wading through all the Best Software lists, blah blah, but I want purity! Can you assembled mass of Visor-gurus post some tips for humble me and the hapless lurkers who dream of hacking but aren't willing to sacrifice our data in return for the privilege? What must we have? What must we avoid with the proverbial ten-foot-pole? With this build-up, truly how can you resist? ;-)

    OK, TMI. Thanks in advance for the tips. Next time, I'll be brief. Let the games begin!
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    I've got:

    Crash (automatically soft-resets--sadly, it's needed)
    DiddleBug ScreenCap (hardly used)
    Linker (Hardly used)
    McPhling (Successor to PhlegmHack--indispensable)

    Also, I just upgraded to X-Master 1.2, which seems more stable . . . .
    Rob Warner
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    I use:

    GreenLightHack (reverses the polarity of the screen when the backlight is on)
    CaseToggleHack (toggles initial letter or entire word between lower and upper case)
    TickHack (makes an audible tick for each grafitti character entered)
    Launch Em App Hack (comes with Launch Em - Similar to McPhling/ PhlegmHack I think)
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    MiddleCapsHack is a must. You can capitalize letters without doing the up stroke. Keyboard+graffiti hack is also very helpful. I also have App/DA Launcher, Battery Meter Hack, logo hack, MenuHack, and ClipHack loaded. I used Hackmaster but just switched to X-Master. It seems stable enough and I haven't had any problems since loading it. I haven't experienced too many hack that do cause problems, but I did have problems with LAptopHack. It caused fatal errors until I uninstalled it. I think just the name Hackmaster puts people off as it brings up ideas of something dangerous. It really is no different that the way Viewer III allows the Visor Deluxe to show 16 shades of gray, where the operating system can only handle 4 shades. Have fun with your hacks,

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    I try to avoid hacks that I do not use. Too many hacks just tend to cause problems. After trying many hack, I have found three that I actually use and need. They are:

    Keyboard Hack

    I have had other hacks installed but found I did not use them often enough to warrent keeping them on my system.
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    I think I'm becoming hack-addicted---seems like every other day I come across another must-have. Luckily, I haven't found any that seem to cause problems. Not long ago, I made the switch from Hackmaster to X-Master 1.2 (mainly becuase it's free) and I've been very pleased so far.

    Here's what I'm using at the moment, starting with my most favorites (although, I really do like them all):

    McPhling--FREE! (menu of favorites & most recently used apps--also lets you return to last app used w/ one stroke)
    PopUpNote--$5.00 (pops up memopad for review or editing w/out exiting the current app)
    Crash--FREE! (performs an automatic soft reset after crashes--no more paperclip!)
    ClearHack--$5.00 (removes those annoying lines from memopad, etc.--not a big deal, but I really hate the lines)
    PopUpFreeTime--$9.95 (pops up datebook view, for review & additions w/out exiting current app)
    PopUpNames--$12.95 (pops up address book w/out exiting current app)
    Padlock Plus--$4.95 (lets you enter your start-up password stylus-free, using a combination of hardbutton pushes)
    Chronohack--FREE! (pops up date, time, and battery voltage w/ one stroke)
    PopUpCalculator--$9.95 (self-explanatory--great little hack, but I don't do a lot of calculations)
    Menuhack--FREE! (eliminates need for the menu button to pull down menus, but I can't seem to remember to use it)

    I use my 4 PopUp Hacks as plug-ins for MagicText so I don't actually have to activate them. Supposedly, doing it this way increases stability. MagicText ($19.95) is a great little program in and of itself if you do a lot of writing, and there are tons of great plug-ins (like hacks) available.

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    PowerHack best locking software I've found. It just locks the visor when it turns off (time-out or turned off intentionally). I haven't found a way to get around it's protection, including restoring from backup module, soft reset, pulling a module when the unit is off, etc.. My password is a shortcut plus a period so getting in is easy and quick if you know how, but the password itself is 10+ random characters long. It's a pain to get working with a prism, though. Free.

    HotTime syncs the time with my desktop, which get it's time from the atomic clock in Boulder, CO. $10 (roughly)

    Daylight Savings Hack Automatically adjusts the time for daylight savings time. Free.

    PhlegmHack/McPhling A free app switcher that has allowed me to stick with the Palm OS app launcher. Absolutely indispensable to me. Free.

    HackDelete Hack prevents one from deleting an active hack. I don't use it that much, but when I inadvertently have it's been nice. Free.
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    Well, let's see...
    • LapTopHack Mainly for Visors with external keyboards. Allows one to push buttons and other controls from the keyboard (so you don't have to pick up the stylus and tap the screen)
    • MiddleCapsHack Speeds up graffiti capitalization
    • TealGlance When you turn on your Visor, this hack displays today's appointments and the top items on your ToDo list
    • SafeHack When the Visor is turned off, this hack automatically sets security to "Hide Private items". It is such a pain to do this manually when you turn off your Visor, but if you don't and the little darling gets stolen, you are in big trouble.
    • PopUp Calculator Lets one "pop-up" a mini calculator while still running the current program. You can have it paste the results into the current program.
    • FindHack Enhances the "find" function.

    These are currently running on a Prism with no obvious problems.
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    LaoTzim, a piece of advice, get a POSE to tryout the Hacks, so that if something messes up, u don't have to go through all the restoring. =) I also put the DAs I use in this post cuz the are as indispensable as the hacks to me. =)


    App/DA Launcher 0.5.4
    --MUST HAVE for me, it let u define one-stroke actions: History, Apps list, DAs list, return to last app....It also divide the 'home' silkbotton into 4 quaters, so u can define them into different actions (I love this Hack!) oh, its free as well! Works great combining with SilverScreen.

    Daylight Savings Hack
    --Does what it says, automatically change the time when needed.

    Keyboard Hack
    --This is soooo popular I don't think u need explanations, jus install it. =)

    --Same as above.

    --Comes with 3Alarm, not sure what it does, probably make the alarms louder, I had it since I got my Visor, so I don't really remember quieter sounds. =P

    --As lpas304 said above.


    AnalogClock DA
    --Pops up an analog clock on ur screen, great for reading stuff on Avantgo mindlessly. =)

    Bookmark DA
    --I use this as a Favorite folder.

    --Pops up KDIC's dictionery dialog, so u don't have to exit the current app to find a word.

    Mirror DA
    --Replaces Mirror app, no icons needed, also works w/o having to exit current app.

    NetConect DA
    --Internet connection in current app with 2-3 taps.

    B4 I used all these DAs, I thought SilverScreen is all I needed, but lazy me found these to make my life with Visor even easier! =D
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    TealLaunch. I use it more than anything else on my Visor.
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    How do I get a hold of McPhling? I have searched palmgear and handango.

    Thanks for your help
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    It's on Palmgear-- if you do a search on "McPhling", it should return you two results.
    This one is the one you want.

    (The other one just makes a reference to McPhling in the description)

    Or, you can visit the author's web site here.
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    Bless you all! I indeed now have X-Master 1.2, still no crashes or other funny business. I've dipped my toes in the water with Batery Meter Hack and McPhling, both free and quite enticing. I'll check out the other recommendations as well.

    In the meantime, someone want to do a piece on the difference between Hacks & DAs for us newbies?

    Keep 'em coming, and thanks!
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    From my understanding, Hack is a piece ofa software used through *master for changing things in the OS or getting arround the hardware limits (sort of), whereas DAs are softwares u could use within other apps. E.g. u could have u palm on Avantgo screen, as see a new word, u could then u could use a Dictionery DA to search for that word without having to exit Avantgo and launch a Dictionery app. =)

    hope this helps. =P

    BTW, u Chinese? me 2. =) what Chinese os r u using?
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    Actually, I'm pretty much a plain-vanilla, whitebread kinda caucasian guy, though my philosophical outlook is distinctly more in tune with Taoism, et. al. Not too exciting, but I try ;-)

    Oh yeah, and thanks very much for the extra info!
    "So God created evil so that we'd all be really impressed when he fixed it? Sounds like Microsoft."
    - ****-richardson
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    In addition to several already mentioned I would add

    ShiftHack - turns off graffiti autoshifting

    TapPad driver - controls a graffiti screen overlay that adds a lot of functionality right at your "stylus tip" - things like cut/copy/paste, delete and backspace and a calculator number pad.
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    Great stuff, everyone! I've gone on a hack-download orgy. Once I back everything up and test it all out, I'll get back to you with my experiences. Lots of free hacks, lots of reasonable shareware. Thanks so much!!
    "So God created evil so that we'd all be really impressed when he fixed it? Sounds like Microsoft."
    - ****-richardson
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    In addition to those already listed (especially MiddleCapsHack, FindHack, and App/DALauncher), I find these to be indispensable:

    NoClick: Turns off that annoying clicking sound every time you tap the screen

    Battery Level Hack: Shows a better icon on the top of the apps screen, along with a percentage or voltage readout on the battery. Also allows easy changes between alk & NiCad.

    As a final note, I also use AfterBurner Hack, but that's another thread entirely...
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    I have a few that I'd like to push.

    1. Ben's Menus -
    2. Graspeedy
    3. Crash
    4. Multiclip Hack
    5. Imager X
    6. Pop-up names
    7. Pop-up Note

    I'd also like to plug X-master. Now that it works with my Visor, it is a very nice "hackmaster".
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    I purchased Lanch'em for $10 and with it's included hacks has completely upgraded my experience.

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