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    What is the best bluetooth headset for the 650?
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    This is a question which has been asked and answered here many times. The answer is "It depends, on what you need." For me, my current answer is the Plantronics Voyager 510 because it has great incoming sound, which I can still hear clearly at highway speeds in my 02 Acura RL, and it also has a boom mike, which makes your outgoing voice sound like a land line. I have also used the HBH-300 with great sucess, but switched because I eventually concluded that it was too quiet. If your main priority is quick pickup of an incoming call, the Sony 660 (current version is the 662).
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    "connection time was very poor for the Treo 650 we concluded then that the Treo can make life very hard for those who want to use a Bluetooth headset. "

    From Sony HBH-662 review:


    ANother reason that the BB platform "Just Works".
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    There's about 12 threads with the title "best Bluetooth Headset" and looks like SCoitty has layed a few out for ya. But if ya don't wanna read them all, easiest thing to do is buy the one witht he Treo name on it. How rong can ya go if it's got da Treo name on it ?

    There's also a new extra lightweight version which IIRC I saw on Engadget which had a comparison table .... after comparing, I liked the above better.
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    The treo bluetooth works very nicely when used with a Jabra eargel. It's also very light and decently priced.
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    That's what I do ... radio shack ":jabra assortment pack" and pick out the Medium CK14
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    Please note that not all bt headsets work with the treo. But check the sites listed by Scotty, he did your homework for you! (Good job Scotty!)

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