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    My Cingular Treo 650 (unlocked) hung up, & is continuously re-booting. It happened a few months ago, & I lost everything (since I had to do a hard-reset). It looks like the same thing is happening.

    I didn't do a re-sync (to save a bunch of key phone #'s). My own dang fault.

    Anyone have a solution, to get my Treo 650 back up? I don't want to lose those phone #'s in Contacts
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    Do a warm reset (press the Up button during a reset) to stop the looping. Delete any suspect application that you think is causing the resets.

    If you have to hard reset, rename the Backup folder on your PC's Palmone directory before Hotsyncing. This will get you your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos but won't load any 3rd party application on the Treo. Then re-install your favourite applications every few days.. keeping an eye out for stability .. to isolate the culprit application.
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    When all else fails, having a good backup program like resco backup will save your ****. Mine happily keeps the backup up to date on my SD card once a day and my entire system can be restored within minutes and on the go.

    Granted, the NVFS treo doesn't get wiped nearly as much as my old Handspring Visor, but it has happened...

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