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    I'm a regular lurker and searched the forums for an answer to this before posting, but couldn't come up with anything.

    I have my SMS settings in chat mode and have the save set to "Maximum".

    I have had a chat going with my husband back and forth since the end of last year. But, I scrolled back through the log today and everything before the first of this month - 6/1/06 - is GONE!

    Is there any place it could have auto-saved? Any way to retrieve these messages? It's tough to give up hope, we went through a lot of stuff in those texts.

    Also, in the future is there a way to save the entire log (either on my computer via hotsync or ?), or transfer it to another file for backup so that this can't happen again, if it's retrievable?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    I'm still having the same issue with the SMS messages. It's only saving about 2 weeks' worth, and as new ones come in and time passes, older ones drop off.

    I'm currently copying all of them bit by bit at the end of each day (because the whole thing is too big for the clipboard), pasting them into memo pad, then hotsyncing and copying into a Word document on my computer. This is a huge hassle and kind of time consuming!

    Is there any reason why the old messages would keep disappearing even though it's set to maximum? It wasn't doing this at first. Thanks for any insight.
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    I don't know much about sms logging its history, but I'd suggest using an IM client like Verichat, Mundu or Causerie. Verichat and Causerie can save your history of conversations in text or html files and email them to you on a schedule you define, so you can route them to a specific folder to save them... These IM clients will let you use gchat, aol, msn, yahoo, icq, etc all in one interface. SMS sux IMO.

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