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    I tried the latest Beta of Chatter mail after all the reviews. It cannot Sync with Yahoo because my mailbox is too large (No problem w/ Versamail here). Marc has confirmed that this cannot be fixed on his forum.

    MAJOR PROBLEM - I deleted Chattermail using the built in deleted function. I was initially unable to Delete the file called ChatterEXG (message stating that this file cannot be deleted appeared), however this file no longer appears in my program list. More importantly, I am no longer able to re-map my Envelope/message hard button on my 700P usings Preferences (the button remap feature)! It does not matter what application that I try - it will no longer remap since the install of Chattermail an hour ago.

    I can remap other buttons to email without a problem but not the one which was automatically confirgured by Chattermail.

    Please help!
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    You need to go into Chatter preferences and go to the buttons section.

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