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    I cannot seem to figure out what the problem is. I had my gmail account all set up in Versamail and I thought there was no problems. But I have realized that it is not downloading all of my emails. For example, if I try to get my new messages now, it only has my emails from 6/14. And I know by logging into gmail that I have about 100 new emails since 6/14. Any idea why it is not downloading them? I tried deleting all the emails and deleting the account, then setting it up again but it still will only download emails up to and including 6/14...and it isn't even all the emails on 6/14, just some of them. Very frustrating....
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    The same EXACT thing is happening to me with Gmail & Versamail. Started fine (for ONE email check) then turned to crap. If you discover anything please let me know and I'll do the same...

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    It's not versamail. Make sure you set your gmail preferences to only share new emails... If you have too many gmail gets confused. (I tried it with multiple clients...)

    (You'll have to go to the web to access your archive...)
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    The POP access for Gmail is wonky, I don't think they engineered it for use as a "regular" gateway for access, but rather a way to occasionally "export" your mail store.

    Since they don't offer IMAP, a better bet would be to forward your Gmail (all of it, or perhaps via an extended filter/rule) to an external IMAP account, and have Versa check that instead. I do it this way and love that my Treo mail is pre-filtered for spam. I've also set it so certain mailing lists, newsletters, etc. are excluded.

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