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    So I just put in 1.20 ENA on my Mac-based 650. Did a hard reset, successfully installed the new ROM, and set about my first hot-sync to get ayll my data back. Did exactly as instructed on the Palm website. Only difference I can think of is that my hotsync through cradle/cable doesn't work. Hasn't for a long time, haven't found any way to fix it, hoped the new fw might do the trick, but, alas. So I did my hotsync with bluetooth, everything seemed to go well, the treo did a soft reset after the sync, and then, after the grey palm screen, went to a blank white screen. None of the buttons work, and I've left it for five minutes to see if something might happen. nothing. Tried another soft reset. nothing. If I do another hard reset, I'll probably run into the same damn thing again after hot sync. Anybody ever run into this, or have any idea how to fix it? I'm really lost without my phone, and I've already spent the better part of the afternoon trying to do this update. Please help!
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    do a backup copy of your files on the MAC and try again after an hard reset. And cross your finger
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    My cable that came with my treo 650 wasn't very good either, I had to get another one to hotsync. I have the Insten cradle dock which words pretty good (just a few dollars on ebay), the only con about it is, it recharges slowly!

    Its not unusual to do 2 installs! I guess I was one of the lucky ones to do it in one.

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