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    I'm looking to get GPS for my 700P, just wondering what everyone is using (what kind of set up...windshield mount with receiver in mount, windshield mount with separate receiver....which receiver is best? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with Tom Tom 5, but just looking for some advice. THanks.
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    I dont have a 700, have the 650, I have never tried tomtom, heard how difficult it was to get it loaded and the cost stoped me, I signed up for the six month deal from Telenav to give that a try, I like it as long as I am in the service area, I got Mapopolis and I like it, not as much eye candy as tomtom but it is easy to load and use, the GPS reciever is a blue tooth job, and I like that personily, I dont plan on just using the GPS in the car so I wanted it to be portable, but thats just me, I can see pros for haveing a cradle in the car, but hard to take that one walking.

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