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    Is it worthwile to use VNC with a dial-up ISP? I seem to get a different IP address each time I log on. Is there a way to get a constant number, so when the PC is connected, I can connect via Minstrel?
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    I don't think so!
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    One nice thing with the VNC software is the IP address shows up on the icon in your PC's system tray. You do not have to "PING" to discover your IP address only move your mouse over the icon in the tray.

    Now I would like to discover the IP address while on the road. If I have Yahoo IM or AOL Instant Messaging on, does anyone know how to get the IP from your home computer using such a source?
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    You can have a program that updates a page (on Tripod for example) that shows your IP address. It updates every 10 minutes, say, and you've got something that connects you to the net automatically? Am I missing the point? Could you describe your intentions, please? Is this to remote-control your dialup machine? From a Visor, perhaps? I don't really understand.
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    A few sites like,, and offer free dynamic DNS so that a hostname like will always point to your computer if it's connected to the internet. I believe all three offer software that will automatically update your IP address with their DNS server so that your chosen hostname will point to your computer. This way, all you need to remember is a handy hostanme rather than a variable IP address.

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