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    Treo 700p here. When a friend asks if they can use my phone, I hand it to them and they have no idea how to get to the main dialing screen. They typically hit the Green button and nothing happens.

    So I recently installed LudusP. I would like keep my (hard) Phone button going to my Phone app (by default I have it go to my speed dial entries) and would like the Green button to go to the Dial Pad.

    Is that possible? I don't see Dial Pad as one of the options in the pull-down menu.

    If it's not possible now, I would like this to be considered as a feature.
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    not possible now... looking into it.

    regards, tyler
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    Dial pad is OK. The main phone app is just fine for me. But what about making the green button "wake up" the phone? Isn't that what every other cell phone in the world does?
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