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    I've had my 700P for three weeks (with Goodlink installed right when I first got it), and all of a sudden, I'm getting the error message noted in the subject line. There's plenty of RAM available in the phone (42.6 of 62.8), and the only other outside program I have installed is VolumeCare, which was also installed three weeks ago, and has been working fine. I've tried multiple soft and warm resets, and yet this error message continues to recur. Another thing I've noticed is that since this problem developed, the soft reset does not automatically turn the wireless back on, despite the fact that the wireless is on prior to the reset. (It always did this prior to this problem developing, as I understood it should.)

    Now, here's why I'm posting this on this forum:

    When I don't restart the Goodlink (I normally use the "email" key-- the one with an "envelope" on it-- to do this) after the reset, this problem is not occuring. (Even the phone once again automatically turns itself back on.) Thus, I now suspect that this may be "Goodlink-related," despite the fact that the Goodlink was working fine for almost three weeks and, in fact, still works fine when I turn it on.)

    Does anyone have any ideas about this?

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    Never mind...

    Now the same problem is occuring even with Goodlink off, so unless someone tells me otherwise, I'm beginning to think it's hardware-related.

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