Picsel have finally made a free 14 day trial of proviewer available at their site This is a new version of the software which fixes the out of memory problems (for PDF at least) that existed in older versions. You can also buy it for a promo price of $15.

I've viewed PDF documents with up to 1000 pages so far. You don't need to have UDMH to make it work properly either so that's a bonus for anyone who's nervous about UDMH. [I've used proviewer with UDMH too and it seems stable.]


- very fast UI, with fast zooming & redraw
- support for multiple document types: PDF, msoffice, images
- can open large PDFs and they appear on-screen quickly
- appears to work on any palm 5.2 or palm 5.4 hi-res device


- no pdf reflow
- no text search facility
- no 'go to page' (a pain for very large docs)

The picsel site lists 4 supported devices, but the software you get is the same no matter what version you download. This is handy to know if you plan to switch to a different device in the future.

I've tried the software on a TX, LD, treo 650, ux50 and tungsten c. Works well on all, except that the sony screen is stuck at 320 x 320. I guess they removed sony specific screen resize support from the app.