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    As always great support, great product. I would like to see a new feature for us 700p users. With sprint and my area being in and out of ev-do coverage I tend to miss calls. So i turn chatter off when not in ev-do and on when in. Would you be able to make an option to turn on push(online) when in ev-do coverage and go offline when not in ev-do. You can even add an option when not in ev-do quick sync every xx mins. Thanks!
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    It's possible; I'm looking into how to accurately determine when the phone is using EVDO vs 1xRTT.

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    I think this is a good suggestion, I'd be interested in this as well.
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    I have a feature suggestion as well. Let me first echo what has been said a billion times, your product is awesome!! I flag messages in OWA that I need to respond to and Chatter syncs that fine. Here's the request:

    • Can Chatter show that I have flagged a message as complete, i.e. changed a flag to a check mark in OWA?

    • Can Chatter show the reply icon on a message that I replied to in OWA? I sync my sent items folder and it is sometimes helpful to know that I replied to a message (whether on my Treo - which Chatter shows, or in OWA - which Chatter doesn't), that way I can hunt down the reply in my sent folder.

    Thanks Marc, you da man!
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    any headway
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    I need information from Palm that I haven't yet received (and may not receive).


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