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    how do i get ringtones on my treo 650 ?! i tried sending it through versa mail but versa mail isnt working out too great either .. i cant even set up my account and **** .. any other ways of getting ringtones to my treo 650 ?!
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    Do you have an SD card? If you do you can transfer them to the card. What format are they? You can download them via blazer. There are options other than versamail. Do a search and you will find many discussions on the "ringtone" topic.
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    Apparently you recently got your Treo. Most "experts" will advise you to get the basics working first and get familiar with your treo before you start messing with the advanced stuff. So, get your email, internet, and pim working good first. If you have a 700p, get your PocketTunes working and playing .mp3. I don't know, maybe you have done some of these things. In any case, there are some techniques to get ringtones on your .mp3, but one of the the easiest is to email them. Do a seach in the applications or multimedia section. Here's one thread with some info:
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    The important thing to keep in mind in that the Treo will only play MIDI ringtones (like the one that came with the Treo). To play mp3 ringtones you need a third party program such as Lightwav, mRing, or Ringo. Try them out - they all have their own quirks and bugs, so see which one you like best.

    For MIDI, the easiest way to get it on the Treo is to send the .mid file using bluetooth.
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    It's not difficult, and it was also one of the first things I wanted to do once I got my SD card problems figured out.

    Read this:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(19349),ts=Palm_External2001

    The download this: (you'll have to register for the forums at the main part of this site, but it's free!),,034-63,00.html

    This software will convert your MP3 files into AMR files, then transfer them to your phone. I use a separate program to edit the MP3's to get them down to about 45 seconds in length because I noticed my Treo 650 only rings for about 30 seconds before going to voicemail.

    There are I think 3 options, emailing them to yourself is one option, but I used the IR port in my laptop and transferred them that way because the TREO has IR support. Worked like a charm!!!! Because they are AMR files, they were stored properly in the phone. You can also use a SD card reader, and transfer the files to the proper folder on your SD card if you don't have the room to spare on your phone.
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    is there a good site to get mp3 ringtones from??

    ringerpost doesnt seem to have a lot, and the qc or whatever else treo supports SUCK

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    You can download any MP3 you want to use at any of the music sites for about .99 cents. I've got a program call 'Cool Music Editor' that I use to take a snippet of the song to use as the ringtone. I'm sure you can find several programs that will let you take an mp3 clip and save it...then use the Nokia program I linked above to convert it to an AMR file and you're set.
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    Hi guys, I'm new. I've done a search but haven't found much info on this. Here is my question:

    I've put a ringtone on my phone that I created from a MP3 conversion to a .wav file. The file is about 18 seconds in length, however, when the phone rings and uses this file, it only uses the frist several seconds and then repeats that part of the file. Why doesn't it use the whole file that I created? Like I said it is only 18 seconds long...

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