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    i was hoping someone could hook me up with a tutoral or instructions for setting this up. i am new to treo, came from ppc-6700 and blackberry. i had all this working on the other phones but this one is a lot different. the main difference is the lack of tutoral. i have seen the few threads on the teather mode hack and a few others threads asking questions, but no step by step for newbies. i have the the teather mode hack file on ram but still confused. some questions i have are...

    1) do i have to load the " Sprint PCS Connection Manager software" and the 700p drivers off the disk?

    2) do i set up new creat a new connection in my connection manager on my computer? i'm using windows xp and have no bluetooth.

    3) do i leave the user name and password blank when and if i set up this new connection?

    4) is there something i need to do with hotsync either on my phone or pc?

    thanks for any help, cody

    ps i don't have blue tooth which seems to be what the other threads mostly cover, and i'm using windows xp sp2
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    Just do this


    1) Pair the laptop and the phone add both to trusted devices
    2)Install hack to card copy to ram on 700p
    3)setup new dial up network connection in windows
    4) (this is for Verizon) use this format with your number as the user name
    5)Dial #777 for the number in the connection
    6)Search for your 700p again after you installed the hack
    7) It will show up in the bluetooth device list check to see the service for DUN is available.
    8) Go back to the connection click properties choose your modem the one that says Standard modem over BlueTooth link #(some number mine is 4) (Com (some com port mine is 4))
    9)Click ok
    10) Make sure BT is on both devices click connect it will attach and connect.

    Now I don't have the $15 added on I just have the $45 unlimited data. I have only used this connection for a few short sessions until I see my first bill and make sure the hack works and I don't get charged for data usage above what i already pay. Good Luck.

    PS the USB connection is the same just look for USB modem instead of BT Modem in the setup.
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    thank you, but i did see this before i ever posted this thread. i cant get past the first step. 1) Pair the laptop and the phone add both to trusted devices.

    like i said, this may turn into a tutoral for DUMMIES (lol).

    thanks, cody
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    i'll try to post what I did when I get home in half an hour.

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