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    Mine Sprint 700P:
    Hardware Revision A
    Software Revision: Treo700p-1.08-SPNT
    Warranty Date: 05-08-2006
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    I figured it out... VZW is #*#[code][dial]. Thanks!
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    how did you guys stop the ## prompt command? in order for me to turn off the screen, I had to close the ## session or do a soft reset per the pop up screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst
    Are you looking at Life Timer Minutes? Not the same as air time. I believe that's how long your phone has been "alive". Not how many minutes you've used.
    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart
    It definitely is the life of the phone. It has nothing to do with actual minutes of use...
    I don't believe that's correct. I took a snapshot of my "Life Timer" minutes before and after using the Treo to stream internet audio via pTunes for 65 minutes. The "Life Data" has obviously gone up but the minutes have not changed. It would be consistent with past Treos that this is intended to track voice call minutes.

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