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    Why a 3rd party messaging software would "be allowed" to change so much functionality on a device is baffling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmajewsk View Post
    Why a 3rd party messaging software would "be allowed" to change so much functionality on a device is baffling.
    Yeah I sorta agree, goodlink is great, except that it does a bunch of customization that I have no choice in. Goodlink IS your deault mail client, with apparently no way to disable it. It overrides your local contacts, with no way to disable it. I want a peice of software, not an signifigant change to the wat my 700p works.

    It's great software, but between it killing my battery life even in online mode, with no way short of soft reset to close it, and taking over all these function i don't want it to I might end up uninstalling it despite how much i love it's core functionality. Makes me sad that a couple things so trivial can break the usability of software so much.

    edit: oh god, if goodaddress isn't running it just disbales your contacts menu completley.
    Goodguy, is there no way of getting my buttons back to the treo preferences option rather than goodlink's forced configuration?
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    Any updates on dialing from the Today screen? I can't believe they release software without this functionality.

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    I have Memory Maid installed and you can also use that to stop GoodLink. On the last tab in Memory maid, it shows which apps are running and you will notice GoodLink.exe, if you "stop" that one, it shuts down the application completely.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    How do i shut down GL on a treo 650? will it stay off when i do that? since the recent update i got, Gl starts up by itself after a soft reset, which in turn screws with TomTom5 GPS program that i got from palm.
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    If you have, go to good launcher, and it should be there as an option (it is on the 700w, bottom right soft key). on the palm OS, i figure you have to choose the top menu, it should be there. labeled "exit good mobile messaging"

    Obviously, this is a new feature in Not seen in previous versions.

    Hope this helps.
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    awsome! thanks. It soft booted itself when i exited but so far it hasn't turned itself back on. I looked everywhere but there for an exit or off option...obviously not hard enough.
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    Here's what I do on my Treo 700P, I set Goodlink to work offline, then I go into preferences and network and click disconnect. Even though you set Goodlink to work offline, it seems like the Power Vision stays connected which is what is draining the battery. This works for me everytime.
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    I started 'working offline" when i leave work or am at a hotel out of town. It does save on so much battery life. I know the 700 and 750 have a smaller battery which doesn't help. I'm just glad i can free up the system memory so my GPS system can run on the low system abilities of the 650.
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