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    i have a weird aol problem. ive set up as all the faqs say and when i try to "get" my aol mail it connects to the aol imap server, says it is downloading mail, completes with no error but no mail shows up in my inbox!! very weird. just a blank inbox.

    when i sync versamail through palm desktop it downloads to mail perfectly but i can't do it just with the phone.

    ps. i don't have the latest firmware (i have 1.15) and i don't want to do 1.17 cause i have an unlocked phone and i can;'t risk losing my data (even though its hopefully backed up in palm desktop).
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    no ideas? i just want to make sure it's not something stupid. it really says connected, and it shows downloading the messages they just don't show up in the inbox.
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    i am going to switch over to using fusemail to grab my aol mail but i want to make sure that its an actual problem with AOL and not with getting mail in general with my treo.

    no clues?

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