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    Wireless service screen.
    My treo 600 crashed and it said erase all data and I said yes. When I restarted it wiped out everything including whatever was installed when I bought it. The resolution is no good now and the home service screen when you turn on is back to verizon instead of ALLTEL. What do I need? Upgrade OS? Can I change the resolution and service screen?
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    You cannot change resolution on any of the Treo devices. Treo 600 resolution is 160 x 160. Did you buy this from Palm or ALLTEL? You have no backup?

    ps. try not to double post, thank you.
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    I bought it from a 3rd party vendor on ebay. It was a verizon phone and they unlocked it for Alltel. It said Alltel before and now it says Verizon after the wipe.
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    What is the latest OS for this phone? I have Palm OS v. 5.2.1
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    You have the correct version of the OS. The updates are mostly firmware fixes after the intial release. The updates may or may not change the OS release number depending on the device you have. For Treo 600, the OS release number remains the same.

    Please see palm KB site:,CASE=10714

    The ALLTEL one you lost are most likely a custom splash screen which are not part of the ROM. Any other software add on you may be missing is relatively unknown as you did not state if you did any sort of backup or not.

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