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    Just a quick hello to everyone on the board. Iím a newbie, and thought I would thank everyone for all there input and personal experiences with the Treo 700p.

    I recently purchased one (Treo 700p), and honestly can say it has worked terrific. I previous used a Blackberry 7250, and then went to an Audiovox 6700 all on the Verizon network... Obviously each different pda had its positives and negatives, but I will say my new Treo 700p has worked great.

    I would say one thing I really have been enjoying in no SOFTWARE LOCK-UPS. They occurred so much with the previous owned pdaís, it got frustrating.

    Thanks Again For Everyoneís Comments, This Site Is A Wealth-Of-Information !

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    Hey Matt ....... welcome to the board (from a 10 day "veteran") Where is Pinecrest, Florida? (I'm in Lake Placid .... about 100 miles due south of Orlando)

    GO NOLES!! (20 year fan - season ticket holder)
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    Welcome Matt!

    GO BRUINS!! (Lifetime fan - Football/Mens Basketball Premiere Season Ticket Holder)
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    Hey Bru1ns ..... readin some of your messages over on ..... everything ok with the PV - and how do ya like the toy so far????????
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    Hey John, and thanxs for the welcome. Pinecrest is a small area about 15 miles south of Miami, just north of Homestead. Was recently incorporated. East side of town bordering Biscayne Bay. Longtime FSU fan here too Got To Love It !!
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    Bru1ns, also thanxs for the welcome. Seems most everyone here has been enjoying their 700p, and obviously there will be a few small quirks until they get to release a few new software / hardware updates, which I'm sure are to come in the near future.

    But honestly I have not added anything to mine just using in on the phone, e-mail, text messages, and internet mode, and it has worked flawlessly. I guess I better shut-up before I put a curse on my 700p, and it starts wiggin out.

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    I also love my Treo 700 P . I am currently on my second one. First one the beam function failed and My phone could not connect to the SprintPCS network.

    SprintPCS has awesome retention plans! I am currently on a retention over a retention plan!
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    Let go Seminoles!! Welcome to TC!
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    Also loving my TREO 700P very much. Ended up getting one for my husband and my sister just got one with a renewal of her contract for $300. I havent experienced one reset, dropped call, etc....
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    Traded in my Treo650 (5 way button stopped working in the down position) last Thursday for the 700P. It only cost me $256 (this is the total including the $149.99 TAP warranty from CompUSA - w/o the warranty it would have been $100 (not including tax).

    I'm happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2smart4phone
    Traded in my Treo650 (5 way button stopped working in the down position) last Thursday for the 700P. It only cost me $256 (this is the total including the $149.99 TAP warranty from Best Buy - w/o the warranty it would have been $100 (not including tax).

    I'm happy.
    You got your Treo 700p from BB...?
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsRandall
    I havent experienced one reset, dropped call, etc....
    Where are you located?

    My biggest fear is of "ok" or crappy reception around here (central Florida). As far as the phone/PDA goes ..... and questions/problems - I'll bet TC can help!!
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    I have a small cattle farm in Lake City, Florida, which is about 25 miles north of Gainesville, Florida. My Verizon service actually works pretty well in the rural parts of north Florida. I seem to travel all over the place, in lots of rural areas, and am pretty satisfied with the Verizon service.

    Did have Nextel, and it totally sucked, especially here in the Miami area. Tons of my friends have Nextelís and ragged on me for going to Verizon, and of course my response to them was ď I donít care how much it costs, I just want a provider that works, and works when I want to use itĒ. My experiences with Nextel were horrible. I do have a Nextel which was given to me for work, but it hangs on my visor in my work car, and I rather everyone just call me on my Verizon phone, Iíll pay for the calls, and donít care!

    My job requires me to travel because of state emergencies, such as the hurricane disasters, and here in the Miami area last year, we had three (3) hurricanes, and the Nextel service was totally down for four (4) days, if you were lucky you could get a phone line out, but no direct connect. My Verizon service worked impeccable. Sitting in my bedroom during the worst weather conditions, surfing the web on the weather sites, viewing the latest radar sites, and no problem making telephone calls.

    I canít speak since Nextel & Sprint merged, but Iíll stay where I am for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart
    You got your Treo 700p from BB...?
    I apologize Stewart, it was CompUSA in Southfield Michigan off of Ford Rd.


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