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    Hey, picsel updated the buggy version of proviewer yesterday. Its opening my 20+mg files with no problem. Its the best native pdf viewer out there for palm. They have a trial avalible but you have to register to try it.

    They dropped the price to $15 for a while too!

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    I took a look at the site but see any features that make it better than the free palmPDF. Can anyone give me any feedback?
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    Its way better. It opens all documents pretty near instantly, has an amazing, quick, and easy paning system so you can zoom in and out quickly. If you tap at the bottom of the screen a transperent page list pops up.
    It lacks some features that palmpdf has but I like it much more - do the trial.
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    wkv2101 clearly works for them or has some type of vested interest.
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    This doesn't just do PDF... It seems it is a fast viewer for all the "native" formats that Documents to Go supports. Not sure exactly sure how it would work to have a seperate application to view docs, and another to edit them..

    I have played with PicselViewer on the 700w, and it is pretty slick... It's probably worth checking out if your needs are strictly attachment viewing, with no editing required, otherwise I'd stick with Documents 2 Go Premier. (Although the $14 price tag is tempting)
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    If only palm thought I worked for them I'd would have been able to get that $100 discount when I bought my 700p.
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    They only provide an .exe file for installation on PCs, nothing for Macs. What are they thinking? What's wrong with just a set of .prc files?
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    Thanks for the tip. I was balking at paying $30, but $15 is a good deal. Picsel is far superior to PalmPDF. Picsel can quickly open large pdfs in full color, while PalmPDF either chokes, or opens them in black and white. As mentioned earlier, the zooming and panning is excellent. I wish they made the full browser version available. I had been using the hacked version, so it's nice to be able to buy a fully operational copy. Some people may still be satisfied with the free PalmPDF, but IMHO it's worth it to upgrade to Picsel for $15 more.

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