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    I have searched and it could be the hour or it could be my frustration but I need some help.

    I am trying out the Treo 700p converting from the Blackberry world.

    I have tried to tether via bluetooth and usb.

    Via Bluetooth my PC won't see my 700p.
    I also can not Hotsync via Bluetooth but I have sent files to my Palm via Bluetooth. I have setup trusted connections between my PC and my 700p with passkeys.
    Via USB I tried the Sprint Connection manager I get error #678, can not contact remote computer. I would prefer not to use the connection manager if at all possible.

    I have installed the "hack" to give it a whirl FYI.

    I also have tried TUSSH but I can't get that to work either but maybe that is going to far for one port.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PC is Windows XP Service Pack 2. I am using a bluetooth adapter, fairly generic but it is using a Broadcom bluetooth radio and have had no issues using it with other devices.

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    You may want to give PdaNet for Treo 700p a try.
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    did you add the $15 fee for tethering to your account?
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    I am aware of PDAnet and no I have not added the tethering. The hack should help me avoid the need for either of those as I understand it.

    Thanks for the reply....anyone else? How do I set up a dun using USB and not the Sprint connection manager.
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    1) Pair the laptop and the phone add both to trusted devices
    2)Install hack to card copy to ram on 700p
    3)setup new dial up network connection in windows
    4) (this is for Verizon) use this format with your number as the user name
    5)Dial #777 for the number in the connection
    6)Search for your 700p again after you installed the hack
    7) It will show up in the bluetooth device list check to see the service for DUN is available.
    8) Go back to the connection click properties choose your modem the one that says Standard modem over BlueTooth link #(some number mine is 4) (Com (some com port mine is 4))
    9)Click ok
    10) Make sure BT is on both devices click connect it will attach and connect.

    Now I don't have the $15 added on I just have the $45 unlimited data. I have only used this connection for a few short sessions until I see my first bill and make sure the hack works and I don't get charged for data usage above what i already pay. Good Luck.
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    I will give it a shot. Thanks.
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    A bluetooth connection shows up in network connections and I have to treo and my PC as trusted devices but when I go to add the treo it doesn't show up.
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    Looks like it's not mac friendly, the download was an .exe

    Quote Originally Posted by webedc
    You may want to give PdaNet for Treo 700p a try.
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    Try USBmodem at It is Mac friendly and works great.

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