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    The domain is so it will be Just msg me what you want your username and password. This should be fully reliable until 2/12/07.

    I don't have a treo yet but this should work. I tried it on a mac with my gmail account and it works good. Just have gmail forward everything to the imap. Wasn't as instant as I thought it would be though. Its like 30sec. I must be doing something wrong.
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    30 seconds sounds about right. I have fastmail IMAP and IMAP on my webhost, both are about the same.
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    I just use my AIM screen name as my IMAP email address.
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    Not all servers that are set to forward mail do so immediately. Yep, that's right. One server I played with before paying for Yahoo! mail forwarded mail every 3 minutes. What a pain that was. Ben

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