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    I searched long and hard for a case. I wanted something to protect the treo which would enable me to hear the phone. I found the Tumi case excellent. It fits the Treo exactly, has a soft interior, provides protection and looks great. The belt clip fits tight and appears to be safe. Its a bit expensive at 50 bucks. Here is the link where you can see some pictures.

    This is actually my second case. I also bought the Krussell 35 dollar horizental plus case from Treo Central. You can see a picture here.

    This case is not made for the Treo and is a bit too snug. Sometimes its difficult to close. It also does not provide enough protection as the sides are open on both sides. I almost bought the palm case, but if you look closely at the pictures you can see that the corners are not protected. Well, thats my 2 cents worth.

    I am retiring my nutshell case that I used for about 3 years with my T 600. The leather held up, but the velcro did not. Both of these cases use magnetic lids. Hopefully, this will hold up.
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    You can also try the Covertec hortizontal case. It appears quite similar to the Tumi and mine has help up during use with my Treo 600, 650, and now the 700 - about 3 years worth of use and still going strong.

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