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    I'm looking for a BT headset that doesn't constantly come unpaired, has decent sound, is loud enough to actually be heard. I've tried the Motorola H3 and the Plantronics Discovery 640. Couldn't hear the Motorola due to non-adjustable fit and Plantronics becomes unpaired at least twice an hour. There must be something out there that doesn't suck a$$.
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    I just "upgraded" to the Jabra JX-10 and so far no problems. I had the Scala Cardo 500 c the 650, but it constantly unpaired c my 700. The sound quality c the JX-10 is better too, but not great. It's not cheap, but look on Pricegrabber...
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    I have been using my Moto HS850 paired as a handsfree device without a single issue. All I have to do is the first time of the day when I use it I call my voicemail press the button once I am in the call and for the rest of the day it stays paired and works fine to receive calls and make calls.
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    I've been using the Palm Wireless Headset for Treo 700p (not the newest one) for almost a year for my Treo 650 and since 6/2 for my Treo 700p. I have had no issues at all.
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