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    Hi folks,

    I have my beloved Treo 650, quirks and all, by and large a very reliable and very versatile performer. However, I have an opportunity to spend some money (someone else's money, an employer), and if I don't spend it, I lose it. I was thinking the thing to do is get an unbranded Treo 700p. Or at very least a Cingular 700p to succeed my Cingular 650 (my company has a purchasing plan with Cingular). But neither are out yet. So 2 questions:

    1) when will unbranded Treo 700p be out? and
    2) is it ready for primetime, or is it still buggy and I should wait?

    Having lived at the 650 Hardware discussion for more than a year, this is my first foray into the 700 dicussion board. I'll certainly start to look around at the many posts here if I get favorable responses and really have to consider getting one.

    -- Josh
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    Most don't think the GSM Treo 700p will be out until the end of the year.

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