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    We have 4 Treo 650s (gsm unlocked)

    3 are on Cingular (Oklahoma City market) and 1 on T-Mobile (also OKC)

    Several days ago (about 6/8 or 6/9 I guess), the Treo 650 on T-Mobile had all of her Instant (SMS) Messages wiped out (in her inbox) as well as her messages in VersaMail. Also, she couldn't connect on the data side of T-Mobile with VersaMail ...

    Then, whenever receiving an SMS, her phone would die and reboot. I updated her software to the 1.20ROW/ENA ... This did not help - all problems continued.

    Thinking the phone was dead (I never tested a Cingular SIM in the "thought-dead" treo 650), I purchased another unlocked TREO 650 GSM phone and got it. I inserted the SIM card from the "old" Treo 650 into the new phone - after synching up etc - and the problem with the SMS continued. When receiving an SMS - it reboots the phone.

    So, I took the SIM from one of my other Cingular TREO 650s and put it in the new Treo 650 - (which, I should add is updated with the 1.20 ENA software already) - And, it does the same thing (tested from T-Mobile to Cingular and vice-versa - rebooted when I received SMS ... but could send) ... with one of my Cingulars.

    Then, putting the original SIM from my Cingular back into my "regular" Treo 650 - it works fine ... which I should add that it has the same Treo650-1.20-ENA software.

    This is confusing I know ... Either I have both problems with a SIM card + T-Mobile network as well as a brand new phone that isn't working properly or some other combination I can't think of.

    Any advice on this????

    Lot's of variables and strange things - not sure what is up. Anyone seeing something similar??? Two bad phones or what?
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    Well...I am using Cingular branded unlocked with Tmobile service. I have no problems like that. I am using Cingular 1.7 so I don't know how firmware effect or not. Did you install any third party software?
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    Sounds like a corrupted SMS database. Using Filez, Delete all the SMS... files. for VersaMail, delete all files with creator code asc3 and asc4 (you will have to set up your accounts again).

    As for T-Mobile, sometimes I can use the phone OK, and connect to the internet, but cannot browse or retrieve mail, etc. The solution is to turn off/turn on the radio, then it will work.
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    mfacelle - you might be right. I finally thought of just doing another hard reset and plugging in my Cingular SIM to test with and so far I have had good luck with just plugging in my Cingular SIM and SMS is working. There could still be a hardware issue with the OLD/original Treo 650 as I am not seeing it work yet but still testing. Thanks for this suggestion .. it is a good one.
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    I am using TMo, no problem with SMS.

    I doubt you can have two bad phone in a row, likely as said previousely, corrupted database.
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    I also have a cingular branded unlocked 650 and presently have t-mobile service. No problems with the phone, internet, email, or SMS.

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