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    does this work for others? I assume not. anyone know of anyone who may be working on it? I use it to connect to a mail server and use pine. Thanks
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    You want the Treo 650 modded version of pssh from here. Working great on my 700p thus far. Includes some really nice upgraded features too!

    All props to Daniel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Grobe Sachs

    pssh T650 version notes
    Applies to pssh version 2005-06-23-T650
    Modified by Daniel Grobe Sachs

    pssh was originally written by Greg Parker

    This is a customized version of pssh with a couple of improvements specifically aimed at the Treo 650. I think it should still run on a 600, and any other PalmOS device, but I make no promises; in any event, I advise against the use of this version of pssh on anything but a Treo 650.

    The most important improvement is that I ported the better random number generator from the Tungsten|C. (You know that message saying that the random number generator is bad and it's insecure? Well, the author of pssh meant it! It's pretty bad.) This should improve security, although even though I removed the security warning (it annoyed me), all of the caveats that the original author mentions about the code being possibly insecure still apply. Other changes simply make the program a bit easier to use, especially on a device with a keyboard.

    • I made the 0-9 keys act as shortcut keys to the first ten entries in the connection list. After initializing the user and host, you can just hit the number to the left of the username and host to automatically connect, rather than manually tapping on the connection and then tapping connect.
    • I rearranged the quick keys for the menus. This was to make space for a set of menu quick keys corresponding to the missing keys. For convenience, the quick keys for these menu entries are the top two rows of the keyboard (W-O and S-K) and correspond in order to the buttons on the 'mini-keyboard.' This allows these missing characters to be entered easily, without the use of the stylus, by holding the Menu button and hitting the corresponding quick key.
    • I added a signal gadget to both the connection form and the terminal form.
    • I added a checkbox for "double size" fonts. This gives you fonts equivalent in size (and looks!) to the Treo 600. If you are having trouble reading the default fonts, the double size mode might be worth a try.
    • changes 15-nov-2005: new icon (contributed by Joshua Ochs), and added Home/End/PgUp/PgDn shortcut menu options.
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