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    Anyone else getting this (Please Wait, then freezes on that screen)? Soft reset cures it, but I think is related to low dbCache (or perhaps I have some conflict). Not a problem with Xiino.
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    This is very DEFINITELY a dBCache issue. I was having the same problems with any dBCache intensive program. This was particularly true of backup programs. I discovered a little utility called unCache that seems to solve the problems associated with the locking of some files in cache and will work as an excellent troubleshooter as well.

    Most of these issues are due to applications that work in the background. Others have had these problems with blazer because it seems to fragment the dBcache and cause a reset. As a test, try opening blazer when the phone is OFF and set the preferences to not go on line immediatly. If you go to preferences and set Starts with to Bookmarks or Blank page for that matter and then go to Advanced menu and check the clear cache on exit.

    My bet is that blazer will now restart as usual with the phone ON and shoudl not freeze but will freeze any time you try to go to a web page. The soft reset cure that you have used simply empties out the cache but background applications will quickly fill it up.



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