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    Ok I really am going crazy. I have tried everything and when launching and playing a few games (specifically Seven Seas, Spy Hunter, and Mummy Maze) on my Treo 700p I am unable to exit them.
    How exactly am I supposed to close a Palm program? Is there some special trick I'm missing or are these games just not compatible with my phone?

    Any help would be most appreciated.
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    Since the inception of Palm, there has never been a need to close anything. Just hit the Home button, and the program "closes". Palm is designed to have all installed programs "running" at all times; you never really exit or stop a program, you just switch to a different one.

    Edit: Ooops... I see, these games are trapping the Home button. I've always just held the side button (which brings up my camera), then hit home.
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    Bring up the menu and then you can hit the Home button or any other application button.
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    Thx Amtatar your camera button method works perfect! Still I don't know why those games are doing that.

    Oh and quispus I tried your suggestion but it didn't work, at least with the game Mazera. Either way thx for your response.

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    I second the Option-Home trick. Hasn't failed me yet.....except when I'm using LJP to emulate Super Mario Bros. or something. Then it crashes!
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    hey itchi23 how does LJP run? Does it emulate sound and run quickly? I would love to know where you picked up the program.

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