Hi all, 2 fold question i can't seem to get an answer on. I am using a Treo 650 and would like to move my sim card (max 250 entries) over with ALL my contacts on there...however, the other 200+ entries are on my old nokia 6230....

Sim Book only allows you to transfer, en masse, sim contacts to a contact category on the treo, but not vice versa. There are no larger sim cards available on tmobile usa either. Also, you can't scoll pages, only by entry, and its SLOW...So... my questions are:

i. has anyone found a way to manage the contacts in the treo vs. the contacts on the SIM card? i've heard of funbook www.fun4palm.com but it doesn't help separate the SIM vs. treo contacts or let you override

ii. Is there a better SIM manager program out there for the treo? i've searched everywhere but there are only call managers that i've found