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    Sorry I know it is long but if u can help please read.
    Well i have been a "not so proud" owner of a Treo 650 (Cingular) for the past month, i have noticed a few problems i was wondering if anyone could help me with.
    Problem : #1
    Sometime, more often than not, when the phone goes into power save mode where it turns of the screen, when i press the on button the phone hangs, whereby the keyboard alone is lite, nothing else, i can't do any other functions, and the only way to get it working again is to take the battery out and put it back in. No resetting will help, only taking the battery out.

    Problem: #2
    I bought quite a few of these phones like 6 of them and they all have the same problem, i live in Jamaica and well the provider i use is 900/1800 so when i turn on the radio it sits and says Network search but it very automatically finds my network, i would have to manually go into the network selection and select 900/1800 then tell it to search again, at this point it would find my network. However there is a competitor whose network is 850/1900 and well it automatically finds this network without a problem. All the phones have this problem.

    What I have tried :
    I have also tried every form of reset imaginable, soft, hard, zero, etc...
    Well i have used one of James custom Roms and flashed my 1.17CNG phone to a 1.20ENA with CarrierDB 255. I thought for sure this would solve the problem of Network Search but alas it has not. Does anyone else have anymore suggestions.

    Thanks in Advance
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    I guess there is no aid for this puppy. Well thanx anyways, i see alot of people viewed the post.
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    Gotta give it some time friend. We can't all get on the forum every day.

    Are you running any 3rd party applications on these devices? If not then your #1 problem is a device problem and should be returned for exchange with your carrier.

    #2 problem: I use Verizon and my Phone > Options > Seclect Band menu offers Home or Automatic band selection. All my cellular phones had a similar option and I usually selected Automatic to allow the phone to find the better signal when I roamed. Check for a similar function on yours to see if you can set a preference for your home carrier only. I'm sure your provider knows how to do this (actually after writing that I guess I shouldn't be too sure).

    Good Luck!
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    Well i am running some 3rd party software, but even before i am able to installed them problem #1 occurs, so i guess i will have to find some way to return it.
    As for problem #2 once i leave it on automatic it never finds my carrier it will come back and say No Service - SOS only.
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    I am wondering though, when the phone is fully charged, i noticed that problem #1 does not really occur, i am wondering if there is something wrong with the battery.
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    Are the problems occuring even if you have the phone connected to the charger?

    Do you have any non-cingular phone out of the 6 you've purchased?
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    no all cingular but when on the charger it does it also.
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    There was a post a while back with a user from your area. It was on the Treo 600 forum. For some reason, his SIM card works fine on a regular phone but when used on the Treo 600, it could not find the network. Both of his phone was unlocked GSM (although I don't really know if it was branded and unlocked).

    Do you know if other phone users in the area that tried the Treo and ran into the same issues? An unlocked GSM phone should have no problem finding any GSM network. I may be wrong in some contries but for the countries I have travelled my Treo always found and able to use the local network without any problem (from Canada to south American countries to South East Asia).
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    I was unclear in my intent. I leave my device in the Automatic band select mode.

    However, I was intending that you select Home band to see if your service issue would be improved. Have you tried, do you have, a Home band option? Can that work for your situation. You would have to de-select the force to the Home band when roaming but is that a burden?

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