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    It was flaky from the beginning. Slow to respond to commands.. frozen a couple of times all together.

    a) i don't hear anything through the palm speaker, only through a headset
    b) microphone doesn't work period (headset or phone)
    c) plugging in the headset automatically ends the call.
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    Did you do a hard reset?
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    I did
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    I had all the same problems, but plugging and unplugging the wired headset seemed to restore the function of my built in speaker. I still don't have any function thru the wired headset microphone. and plugging it in still ends the phone call. Very frustrating when you are trying to save some money and avoid the Bluetooth headaches.
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    Looks like my 2nd Treo is having the same problems with speaker and microphone. Verizon says they'll replace (will go to a store tomorrow)

    I've been a Palm owner since Vx came out, but I am close on giving up on this one. Very frustrated with hangs, deleted voicemails due to hangs, poor reception, and unreliability.
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    A soft reset fixed it this time... still disappointed in software quality.
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    going to a store yu arent going to get it swapped, unless its within the first 30 days.

    otherwise you need to contact wdts and if you call before 3pm cst mon - thur you get it next day usually
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    This happenned to the second treo.. and I haven't dropped this one much.. lately.. Common.. give me a product that works!

    Hard reset didn't work this time. Plugging, unplugging doesn't either.. but same simptomps, the mike just stops working, headset or not. After 30 secs or so Treo drops the call (not that I can have a useful conversation anyway).

    Does anyone know if this is a known issue, and if Palm is fixing it?

    Maybe I should just lie to the insurance company that I have a Blackberry.
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    Depending on where you are you may be able to get a replacement in-store even post 30 days because of new "Pilot program" for in-store "Smartphone" replacement. See thread:

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Be well,

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    I had this happen to me within the first two weeks, except that the mic stopped working sometime while I wasn't using the phone (overnight?), and never worked after that. Otherwise the same: regular earpiece stops working, wired headset allows me to hear, microphone doesn't work either way, and can't use speakerphone because it thinks a headset is permanently plugged in. Using a Bluetooth headset works, though. VolumeCare does not. Hard and soft (and that other one, warm?) resets do nothing, not even trying to use the phone right after a hard reset but before a sync.

    And actually, it's happened to me 3 times now.

    The first time, I got it replaced at the local store (new). It happened again maybe two weeks later, brought it into the store, got another replacement that was supposed to be refurbished, but according to the check (dialing 7713 or something like that? it's in the forums somewhere), it was another brand new one. I guess the store didn't have any refurbished ones in stock, and they figured they'd just save time. And here it is about 20 days later, and I'm headed to the store again.

    I haven't been able to figure out why the jack fails. I do tend to install a lot of random programs, and I use mine as a music player a lot (AeroTunes), but if I can't even [I]use[I] my Treo for things it's advertised to do, then that's just not cool.

    I would never switch, either. I love Palm software, I need it for school in addition to organizing and running my life (had a 600 for three years before upgrading). I love the 700p when it works, but this is getting ridiculous.

    Called Verizon tech support, they said since it's been replaced twice in 30 days I am qualified for a new one, not refurbished, if I go into the store, but since the second one wasn't refurbished, either, I dunno how well that's going to work out. The operator at Palm tech support said this was only the second call she had received of a similar nature in her year of working there, so Palm "doesn't consider it an issue."

    Do people think running certain programs be able to cause this problem? I'll probably use a new profile instead of just restoring via backup, and pick and choose programs. But considering it takes (on average) two weeks for the failure to occur, it's not like I can easily test each program.

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    well what do you know. The stick-something-in-the-jack-and-wiggle-it-around thing worked. Teensily embarrassingly for me, it was the tech who got it to work. She still advised getting a new one FedEx'ed from (national) Verizon. Apparently either the CSR I spoke with earlier misspoke, or I misheard, but it's not the store that's supposed to replace this one (if I do).
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    I got a new Treo 700p in the mail today.

    I also went ahead and purchased a Blackberry 7250 for $70 as backup.

    Being w/o a phone is a torture. Had to forward all the calls to my office number, and I wasn't available to my wife's cell phone.

    Now I have to go and re-order screen protectors and e-grips. Such a waste of time and money.

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