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    Quote Originally Posted by morningstar1844
    What did they do to put you in a factory shipping of the phone mode. I am just curious as to how they did that?
    Post number 7 answers your question.

    A hard reset clears data and all add on apps but does not clear the MSID or your phone number. Post 7 explains what they did which cleared everything and set the phone back to factory settings, before any programming.
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    It looked like there was no answer for this problem so I called Sprint. I figured if Palm would let me hold for 3 hours I did not want them to have my money.

    After much work, I ordered a 700p from Sprint Retention (Angela, she's somewhere in florida). Here's what I gat:

    -700 p for 350
    -20% off my bill every month for duration of my stay at Sprint
    -Nights and weekends beginning at 7pm instead of 9pm
    -kept my exact same plan 100.00 for 2000 anytime minutes, unlimited data, unlimited texting, unlimited everything basically

    Both of Palm's phones will go back with a nasty note as they will not get to keep my 549.00 dollars.

    Of course, here's hoping the hang up issue is resolved with the new phone
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    Mine worked for a few days. Now it won't turn on. I get the "bringgg" when I answer yes to turn it on, but it doesn't. Excurciating support. I just spent 40 to have shieldzone put an invisibile shield. Palm is willing to help. And I will put the invisible shield on again.
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    A friend of mine had this problem. Phone was swapped for a new one and that fixed it.

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