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    Just got the 700P a few days ago. So far it is great. The keyboard is easier to type on than the 650 and it seems faster (don't mean data connection, just the treo itself).

    There are a few issues that I found:

    **MAJOR ISSUE - NEED HELP - When not on the EVDO network, the status light seems to turn yellow every few seconds, which means that the phone is connected to the data network and call are going straight to voicemail. This happened at least three times yesterday. While I am using WirelessSync with our Exchange Server, it doesn't seem to be updating anything at the time that this is going on.

    Minor issues:
    Alert that says - Suspended by user. Apparently this is when you stop a data connection by doing something else.

    Notification Settings under WirelessSync - If you uncheck Notify when data received, without unchecking the other options first, it reboots the treo.

    Favorites Buttons - Can't seem to assign a specific ringtone to a favorites button. You can only assign it to a contact. So while I have a Favorites button that says "Home", inorder to have a specific ring for that number, I had to add a entry for "Home" to Contacts.

    If I can solve the problem of the calls going straight to voicemail, then I'm very happy with the Treo 700P!
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    I had the same behavior with the 650 when I was using Wireless Sync. It seems to make a lot of unnessary contact to the network. With the 700p, this would be ok if you were always on EVDO, but obviously that not always the case.

    That and the other quirks of WS is why I switched to Chatter OWA. It is much much more efficient on the network and also is more full featured. Chatter has been working very well for me so far on the 700p.
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    How about when you shut the phone off at night, and in the morning the light is back on blinking and there's an Alert that says "radio or phone turned off" with an unchecked box next to it. Not to mention the loss of battery power during the night.

    Never saw that on my 650 nor the "suspended by user".

    Still think the 700p's are not ready for prime time just yet - very buggy!!
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    I concur, When using data on the 1x(non evdo) network calls go straight to voicemail....

    I noticed it too yesterday. There must be a way around this... anyone?

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