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    So I have to wait until August 4th to get my Treo (when my trade-in window at VZW opens), so I am using this time to do all my research on best accessories, software, and tweaks beforehand so I will be good to go the day I pick it up.

    I *DID* search and look first to avoid the Wrath of Mod (LOL), but didn't see anything about this case:

    Energy Leaf Hard Black Leather Case with Magnetic Cover

    Anyone seen it or used it? It looks perfect for what I want:
    • basically a slip case (easily retrieve phone without using the whole case at your ear)

    • access to functions while in case

    • magnetic flip cover (for easy viewing)

    • SD card holder

    • COMPLETELY REMOVABLE belt clip (nib and all)...

    In fact, it seems to be the only case I have found that DOES have all these features in one. If anyone has any others I have not seen, let me know...
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    swivle belt clip, i'd rather have one were you can mount the treo horizontally sometimes otherwise it looks great. Are you sure it is leather, because the case looks like it is made of plastic
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    Says it is made of hard leather. My guess is it is leather built over a harder inside, like maybe plastic or hard cardboard... not sure.

    EDIT: Yeah, if you look closer at the bigger pictures (click on the links), you can tell it is leather (or a danged good imitation, LOL). That cover is definitely molded over something to help it keep its shape - it is bowed outward a bit so it does not lay up against the keyboard and press on the keys accidentally while closed (another nice feature of it), while also giving room for holding an additional SD card.
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    I like it alot (except for the bulky swivel clip). Good fine.

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